Kerry Blue Terrier Kennel

"van Daelenbroek"

Showresults 2021

After more than a year "Corona compulsory break" finally back to the dog show! ... and with such great success:


Special- Terriershow in Bornheim-Hersel (Germany) on July the 4th 2021


organized by the "Klub für Terrier e.V. - OG Bonn v.1911"

"Cadan vom Rheinhorst": ex1 - VDH - Res.-CAC (starting in intermediate class)

  For the first time on a dog show!


Ch. "After Midnight van Daelenbroek": ex1 - VDH - CAC - BOB & 4th place in the "Best In Show" competition!

She has thus fulfilled the conditions for the award of the titles

"German Champion-VDH" & "German Champion-KFT"!!