Kerry Blue Terrier Kennel

"van Daelenbroek"

About us

(Picture: Mieke, Jan, Ester and one of the first Kerry Puppys)

We are Mieke, Jan, Ester and Doménique Heemels.


Jan (1946) reteired, Mieke (1948) and Ester (1969) are hobby show dog groomers.

Jan's favourite waste of time is to drink a Guiness with our Kerryfriends. Doménique (1972) is very busy with his profession so he doesn't own a Kerry currently. Because he really is a dog lover he visits his parents as often as he can to take the dogs out for a long walk.

Mieke and Ester are the ones who love to trim an go to dog shows. They were also give several dog classes (Obedience, Ringtraining and How-to-trim-your-Kerry).

Ester is living nearby her parents and lives together with her Kerry Blue Terrier male "Rory" at the moment.

How it all started....

After a crossbreed and Yorkshire Terriers Mieke and Jan decided for a Kerry Blue Terrier.

In 1972 Mieke was on a dog show and fell in love with Ch. Trucote Captain William. That was the kind of dog she liked. After months of waiting impatiently the first Kerry came in our household. His name was Blue Admiral of Kenmare Bay, a grandson to Captain William. Ester was 3 years old at that time.

Totally infected by the Kerry virus Mieke purchased a puppy bitch called Christobel van Wambeke, she became our first Champion.

Not much later Easy Luv van Wambeke joined the club.

Mieke learned to groom her own dogs and went to dog shows as often as she could.

A few years later the first litter was planned. In 1979 7 pups were born out of Blue Admiral of Kenmare Bay and Christobel van Wambeke. Mieke kept a bitch called Angel Shadow van Daelenbroek. In 1980 5 pups were born out of Blue Admiral and Easy Luv. A bitch called Angie of Aghadoe van Daelenbroek went to other Kerry people to become the foundation bitch of their kennel Aghadoe. In 1981 6 pups were born out of Ch Blue Benedictus of the Heath Park and our Christobel. One bitch stayed in our home and we called her Blue Byou van Daelenbroek. Angel Shadow and Blue Byou are the foundation bitches of our kennel. From that moment the story goes on and on and on....